The Ice Rink Company today has announced a trade agreement with Riley Manufacturing that will make them the sole European supplier, and installers of ice related goods.

Riley Manufacturing started its life way back in 1978 in hometown Woodstock, Ontario, Canada, as a tool die, fabricating business. In 1984, trading as Riley-Meggs Industries, they revolutionized safety in hockey with the invention of Megg-Nets™, the first system to allow the hockey goal to dislodge on impact. At the same time, they introduced Cush-Net™ the redesigned hockey goal which replaced the deflector plate with cushions, making it a much safer way to keep the puck from rebounding out of the goal. Soon after, both of these innovative products were made mandatory in all NHL facilities and subsequently community arenas. Since then Riley Manufacturing has maintained a very close association with the NHL, collaborating with various league officials, redesigning products to further enhance safety.

Five years ago, Riley took their expertise of more than 20 years as a major subcontractor to companies building dasher board systems, steel ice dams and components and started designing, manufacturing and installing their own brand of dasher boards and as a result are an approved supplier of dasher boards to the NHL.

Since then they have designed a further two dasher products. On of these, FlushMountain Shield, was created to help alleviate injuries by removing the cap rail/ledge. In June 2011 the system was installed in the training facility of the 2012 Stanley Cup Champions, the LA Kings for NHL operations to observe the FlushMountain system and to obtain feedback from the players, coaches and officials.

In May 2012 they unveiled their third invention to improve the safety of dasher boards, a revolutionary new concept in glass and acrylic shielding supports. When a player hits the glass the support allows the glass to move away from the impact zone, therefore alleviating the threat of injury to the body.
Ice Rink Company Managing Director Mark Johnson commented ‘This relationship is great news for all European rinks and ice experiences. Riley Manufacturing have considerable knowledge in developing products that guarantee a very high standard of safety. We are really excited over the relationship and are looking forward to our clients taking advantage of such a high quality and prestige facilitator’.

The Ice Rink Company are the UK’s biggest supplier of Ice Rink infrastructure and since there start in 2007 they have built rinks at Cannock, Altrincham, Widnes, Uttoxeter, and as well ice management and repairs for some of the largest ice leisure companies in the UK. The company has also created ice for 02 for the NHL as well Disney on Ice. The company lists Ice Making, Painting, Ice Logo’s, resurfacers, ice repairs, and removal as part of there business model.
The company has already made their first installations utilising Riley products with a barrier and tracking/netting in Silver Blades Widnes, as well as supplying hockey goals to i-SKATE Uttoxeter. The success of these projects has led them to win the contract to renovate the Swindon Ice Rink. This is something that is eagerly awaited by all the locals in the area.