OES Score Boards

About OES Scoreboards

Company Overview

OES, Inc. was founded in 1980 providing technology support services for clients in various markets. OES soon engaged in the development of technology solutions and successfully commercialized many products for mission critical applications in the environmental, healthcare, vehicular, agricultural, and defence industries. OES’s steady growth and success in diverse markets led to the creation of 3 divisions – OES Technologies, OES Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS), and OES Scoreboards.

In 1994, OES leveraged its controls experience and developed its’ first LED Scoreboard applying the same mission critical design methodologies. Since that time, OES has expanded their scoreboard product series and has become a leading scoreboard product and solution provider. OES’ scoring and timing technology products have been enthusiastically adopted by all the major sports leagues in North America.

OES Scoreboards is now a well recognized brand in the North American market, second to none for performance and reliability, and one of the few scoreboard companies approved for scoring and timing by the NBA, NHL, CFL, NFL, MLS, and MLB. They have a growing distribution network of representatives and resellers in regions of North America.

In recent years OES Scoreboards has further expanded into core high school and college markets in North America, and into international markets. OES is a neutral supplier to the market while also working closely and collaboratively with strategic partners towards increasing market opportunity.

OES head office is located in London, Ontario, Canada with established sales and engineering support offices in El Paso, Texas, and Shanghai, China.

Markets Served
From organized sports at elementary and secondary schools, to city recreation centers and arenas used by a number of associations and clubs, to more competitive play at the college, university, and professional level – we cater to a wide array of customer needs. OES has designed top quality products that can be integrated into a variety of applications.

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