Indoor Steel Dasher Board System

For durability and the finest quality, this is specifically designed to withstand years of abuse
Available as either steel or aluminum construction, all of our dasher board systems are custom designed, manufactured and installed by us to your specifications. When you purchase a dasher board system from Riley Manufacturing you are guaranteed to get the best quality product at a competitive price.


This steel dasher board is suitable for all
levels of hockey and has been the design
of choice for many community level rinks.

Features & Benefits:
•Available in 5” and 6” wide panels
•Designed to withstand years of abuse
•Ideal for facilities where conversions are
not an issue
•Fully welded design
•Hot dipped galvanized coated after
welding, for corrosion resistance
•The shielding system can be supported
or seamless
•Our flush mounted shielding system can
be installed on all of our steel dasher
board designs

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