Twin X – LED Display

It is double as bright as than existed sign. It is available to transfer
user’s picture, animation and movie. When you create message,
you can check input or not by bell sound. The semiconductor
device, LED, is used. The expected life span of light is semi-
permanent.The cost of maintenance and consumption power are
low. It is easy to create message by remote control & to change
the contents at any time. It is easy to mount sign at any place,
The electricity charge is cheaper and computer monitor.

More than 7,000 letters, 100ea kinds of expression, all kinds font
It is possible to show an alphabetic character and Japanese.
We have the function which expresses current time.

Module Total Size Screen Size Remark
200MM 1290 X 290 1200 X 200 remote control & PC
265MM 1650 X 325 1590 X 265 remote control & PC
320MM 1980 X 380 1920 X 320 remote control & PC
420MM 2580 X 480 2520 X 420 remote control & PC
480MM 2940 X 540 2880 X 480 remote control & PC

X-Motion – Signboard

Full colour sign and moving system perfect for drawing
attention to your customers.
Express animation & video
Embodied 16,000,000 full colour
brightness adjustment
express complete video for ten minutes
100 ea of pictures and special character

Standard Line – up 1 line 6 row 2 line 6 row 2 line 8 row
Custom Made* Per module size 323mm/320mm/420mm/480mm
*Avaiable from 1 line 6 row – 2 line 16 row