ProWall- Gaga Pits

The Ice Rink Company is proud to offer ProWall®, a revolutionary new product designed to combine the best components of the traditional dasherboard system with those of newer, more portable systems. ProWall® is the perfect sport containment system for ice hockey, inline hockey, Voor hockey, soccer, gaga, futsal, lacrosse, indoor football and more.



Use the pending ProWall Panels to add action to your camp, school,
recreation center or home. A staff of just two people can snap together
a ProWall Gaga pit in less than five minutes, but the fun lasts for hours,
days and months.

•Set up as temporary or permanent and change shapes and sizes as
often as you want!
•Set up an official-size 26ft x 26ft pit in less than five minutes
•Order natural colour panels or custom colours for a cool, stylish look
•Molded one-piece corners mean no gaps for fingers to get caught in
•ProWall’s famous “no-tool” connection mechanism
•ProWall is made of durable, rotationally-molded plastic which is light
for staff to set up and durable enough for year-round, outdoor use
•Adjustable left – and right – swing gates
•All panels are 42” high x 8” deep
•Manageable 8” stepover for gate thresholds
•Stacking features on 8ft Straight Panels for safe storage and transport
•One full pit stores on a 42” x 96” pallet (included with order)
•One full pit is less than £5,000.00
•The #1 choice of camp professionals
•Backed by over 15 years of experience in the industry

Are You Interested?

ProWall – Divider System


Use our patented ProWall panels to maximize ice time and versatility
at your rink!

•By creating two separate play areas, the “neutral zone” between the
two can be used for rest, substitution and play in the cross-ice area
while the 5th team receives instruction from coaches, etc.
•By receiving two sets of these ProWall boards, the youth hockey
association/rink is receiving 220 linear feet of boards.
•These boards can also be used fordry-land training, parking lot games,
shortening two rinks, etc. ProWall provides maximum versatility.
•With ProWall, you can also create special stick-handling areas, goalie
practice areas and 3-on-3 practices, games and tournaments while still
maximizing other areas of the ice.
•ProWall panels are 88 lbs each (for an 8 ft straight panels or 8 ft radius
panel) which is about half the weight of a traditional aluminum/poly
divider panel.
•This means faster set up and tear-down time as wellas more people
who are eligible to help. ProWall panels have a 1.5” deep channel in the
top of the boards that can accommodate acrylic ornetting for
additional upper containment in the future or if dividers are installed
for a long period of time.

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